Sales Development Manager Interview Questions Answers

Next, the interviewee should apply the pen’s benefits to the interviewer and their needs. The candidate can ask questions about their workflow or suggest a common problem, like ballpoint pen rollers sticking in the middle of notetaking. Poor answers don’t include the specifics of a challenge and how the interviewee’s creativity helped them overcome it.

sales development representative interview questions

Similar to question three on our list, notice how this one doesn’t necessarily inquire about the most challenging thing you’ve done at work; it asks what’s the hardest thing you did. “I’m impressed by how well this solution does end-to-end encryption. For the price, it’s a capability not a lot of SMBs have in their IT arsenal, so what I can do for you is schedule a demo to show you how our software can defeat ransomware. It came as a shock because we had received so much business in recent months, so I reached out to the company directly to try to learn where we went wrong. I figured that we weren’t going to win back the business, so I made that clear right away. Our goal at Uvaro is to provide you with the background you need to thrive as an SDR in the early portion of your career.

What About Your Past Experience Would Make You Good At Sales?

Chances are, if you are asking generic SDR interview questions, you are going to get equally generic answers. This is a go-to for interviewers in any career or industry, as it provides insight into the interviewee’s work experiences, personality and motivations. For example, candidates looking to climb the career ladder won’t benefit from a role with no room for growth.

sales development representative interview questions

Again, this shows your employer you are the go-getter they are looking for. Here is an opportunity for you to showcase a wide variety of things you may have done both personally and professionally that will get your potential employers interested. Be sure to think about this one in advance in the event that it comes up. We asked them what they look for in an SDR candidate, and the top 10 questions they would ask during an interview.


If they’re willing to invest their own time and money into their craft, that’s likely someone you want on your team. This role requires flexibility and adaptability, so a hotshot who doesn’t use each misstep to learn and level up isn’t the team player you want. Ask some follow-up questions when they finish, and be sure to ask yourself if you’re willing to invest in developing this skill further or if you prefer someone who’s a voicemail whiz.

sales development representative interview questions

That’s why sales development representatives are still being hired every day. This question helps hiring managers see how driven and ambitious candidates are. It also gives the candidate an opportunity to provide insights into valuable lessons learned. Similar to question #18, this question helps determine whether the candidate has absorbed lessons and feedback. If they aren’t able to provide an answer to this question or think there is no room for improvement in their sales strategy, that’s not a great sign.

“I previously had a prospect interested in our HR software who loved the PTO reporting, but was disappointed that it didn’t track vacation hours automatically. They were considering a competitor’s service that offered this bonus at a slightly higher price. Experienced candidates without another professional passion can also share their hobbies while highlighting how their practices benefit Sales Development Representative job their success. Even the preferred “no” isn’t a great answer if the person can’t explain why they said “no” and what they’d need to know before they’re qualified to hop on a sales call. Inexperienced candidates may be eager to please and say “yes” without knowing the company or product details. “I don’t really believe one is better than the other — instead, they’re collaborative.

I’ve worked with thousands of sales candidates seeking new careers in sales, and those looking for career progress with a new role. The answer to this classic question tells you a lot about SDR candidates, especially their preparedness and passion. To avoid this expense and find the high-performing SDRs you need to scale your sales team, ask the right questions.

Would You Close A Guaranteed $15,000 Deal Or Attempt A $115,000 Deal?

Alternatively, You shouldn’t assume the skills of other applicants. Focus on your own strengths, and if the interviewer hasn’t given you an opportunity to mention that one “slam dunk” quality about yourself, now would be the time. While you definitely want to be prepared for this question, you certainly don’t want to make your answer sound memorized. ABC Company is a family-owned business that recently expanded its brick-and-mortar outpost to go online.

Try out some of our questions and see if they help you with your sales recruitment decision-making. With all this in mind, Harry and Catherine selected their top 10 questions to ask when hiring an SDR. At XY Tech, I’ve been one of the top salespeople in the department for the past six quarters.

  • Make it known that you have no reservations and emphasize what drew you to the industry.
  • The best answers detail why each matters and how a great salesperson can achieve both in their workflow or advice for developing these skills.
  • You’ll need to sell yourself and your qualifications for the job, as well as to show the interviewer that you have the ability to close a deal.
  • Nonetheless, it means a great deal if a candidate studied the job description and researched the Internet.
  • Assuming you have done some practice, you are ready to play it cool – as well you should.

There’s no reference to your company’s benefits that excite them or the specific role’s expectations. Familiarize yourself with the organization’s products, competitors, target customer base, and market position. Emphasize the importance of active listening and open-ended questions. Interviewers want to see how you formulate a personal outreach strategy. Discuss the preparatory research you conduct as well as the tools you use in the process.

Considering Outsourced Sales Development?

Of course, even in the same industry, two businesses’ experiences can vary significantly. While one may be experiencing large layoffs and client churn, another may have more secure funding or partnership with a stable industry that helps them thrive through economic turmoil. Digging into the details helps salespeople remain empathetic and sensitive to individual needs rather than casting blanket assumptions based on big-picture trends. Candidates who can’t identify a time they turned a rejection around in sales or otherwise may not have significant sales experience and would likely require additional guidance if hired. The best answers detail why each matters and how a great salesperson can achieve both in their workflow or advice for developing these skills.

“I’ve always been a very competitive person and love a good challenge. Even early on, in my schooling days, I would compete in all academic programs . I loved the process of researching, preparing, and the thrill of competing for the #1 spot. And the answers I suggest have helped reps secure the best job offers.

The New Era Of Digital Transformation For Sales

Talk about what you learned from it and specific actions you’re taking to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Regardless, remember that how you treat your current employer is indicative of how you’ll treat them. They want an easy recitation of your relevant experience so they can start to assess fit. And they also want to see if you can hit critical and relevant points of a story in a short time.

The recruiter and hiring manager we’re timely with their responses, and helpful every step along the way. I interviewed with the recruiter twice, hiring manager twice, and three current SDRs back-to-back over a Google Hangout session. Nowadays, most sales team rely on Customer Relationship Management software to keep track of all their contacts, deals, etc.

Your feedback has been sent to the team and we’ll look into it. We’re all about experiences, but none are as important to us as the ones we provide to our employees. Get started with your Free Employer Profile to respond to reviews, see who is viewing your profile, and share your brand story with top talent. We have all the tools and downloadable guides you need to do your job faster and better – and it’s all free.

Good salespeople can address a prospect or client’s needs, push back when appropriate and nurture a relationship through closing. A weak answer focuses on the negatives of a specific task without any solutions. “A year ago we were pitching a simplified version of our marketing software to high-end freelancers and small businesses that didn’t need all of the bells and whistles. We were hoping this would fill in client churn gaps during an economic downturn. “Did you know that the average pen can write 45,000 words before it dries up?

Sales development representatives are the backbone of your sales team. Finally, we come to one of the trickiest SDR interview questions to answer. At a glance, it sounds like you could respond to this inquiry casually, but you really should be careful how you answer it. For example, if you’re applying for a position at a cybersecurity start-up, you have to know precisely why prospects can’t wait another minute to purchase your solution. It’s literally a multi-million dollar disaster when a business suffers a data breach, but your prospect may not know that yet. InterviewThe recruiter called me 10 minutes late and ended the conversation 5 minutes early.

All members of their team were supportive of me and gave me good positive energy. In sales, you’ll come across a not-so-pleasant prospect every now and then. Hiring managers want to see that you’re able to keep your cool and remain professional even when a prospect is being difficult.

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