Kalyana Mahotsavam ( With Murthy)

We heartily welcome you to join the Dhanurmasam Celebrations

Lets all join HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji and offer our Prayers to Go:da Rangana:ttha

Date – 16/12/2022 to 14/01/23

Location – Statue of Equality & Divya Saketha Kshethra

16th Evening at 6:17 pm – Dhanurmasa starts. Offering First pasuram in Mother Goda’s service

17/12/22 to 14/01/23 – Early Morning – Go:da Rangana:ttha Ashtotthara Nama Archana, Tiruppavai Sevakalam, HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s discourse in Hindi on that day’s pasuram

Avail the great service of serving prasadam to atleast 11 devotees (11 * 100) during the auspicious Dhanurmasam. As a blessing for your good service, archana to the Lord will be performed with your gothra namas.

Our VT branches have a tradition of bringing bridal gifts to Go:da De:vi every year from different locations. Whoever wish to bring the sa:re, gifts can contact us at 7901422022

Other Festivities Schedule:

2-1-23 – Vaikuntta Ekadasi

3-1-23 – HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji’s Parampada Uthsavam

10-1-23 to 14-10-23 – Ni:ra:tta Uthsavams

11-1-23 – Ku:dari Uthsavam

14-1-23 – Go:da Rangana:ttha Kalyanam

For more details on the programs contact 7382046888 , 7901422022

Let us all gather at STATUE OF EQUALITY and pray along with our acharya HH CHINNA JEEYAR SWAMIJI where all the 108 Divya De:sam Perumals reside for universal peace, welfare and prosperity .

Jai Srimannarayana