Ramanuja Swarna Murthi

    Note : Jai Srimannarayana, want to donate using International Card please Click Here

    As part of Statue of Equality project phase 1 – The ‘Dhyana Mandapam’ will contain Swarna Murthi of Bhagavad Ramanujacharya. This murthi will serve as a way to offer gratitude through daily prayer, nitya aaradhana. The presence of the Swarna Murthi is going to make the Dhyana Mandapam an extremely vibrant, pious and a perfect place for instituting inward enrichment! It takes 12 weeks for the making of the murthi. Work will begin in the last week of November. So, make your contribution NOW to see it become a part of the Swarna Murthi soon!

    Suvarana Danam, donating gold is one among the 16 types of donation that is mentioned in sastram. Such a donation will make your parents and your children be proud of and happy about! The result of this donation will lead you long ways in a successful eternal glory. Ramanujacharya is the Acharya of Lord Venkateswara (read from Venkateswara Ithihasa Mala). What an opportunity to offer such a kainkaryam – a time to utilise every occasion for lighting up the internal Diya, our manas and make the right decisions!

    As per Swami’s word, currently no donation considering for Swarna Murthy. Its already prepared. From now the donated gold will be used for Divyadesams.