It is very important to remember the parents who gave birth to us and the elders who show us the way.

    To be able to serve them so that they live comfortably as long as they live, to be able to do good to ten people so that their name is remembered by all after they leave the body.

    These are the gratitude we can show to them. Mahalaya Paksha is a useful time for us to remember our elders. One should be able to do shraddha and annadanadas (prayer) scientifically for those who have passed away. If you want to do Annadanadus (Tadiyaradhana) then you can perform Tadiyaradhana on the tithi day of the deceased elders in our Divyasaketa Kshetra. Those who don’t know the tithi can perform Tadiyaradhana on their name on Amavasya day.

    ” PLEASE ENTER NAME , THIDHI, DATE details in Notes Section ”