Acharya Ramanuja Life History – In Comic Series – All 4 Volumes (English)

Great people appear on this earth, through Divine Will, to guide society on the right path in times of need. They lead by example and inspire society to live a righteous life. One such great leader who revived the path of equality, The Ve:dic Way Of Living, was Sri Ra:ma:nuja:cha:rya.

The book series is authored by His Holiness Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

Each book = 400 INR

Set of 4 books = 1500 INR

  • A:cha:rya Ra:ma:nuja – Volume I
  • A:cha:rya Ra:ma:nuja – Volume II
  • A:cha:rya Ra:ma:nuja – Volume III
  • A:cha:rya Ra:ma:nuja – Volume IV

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